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Grand Blanc Customer Posts Rave Review of Electrician Express’s Work and Customer Service

grand blanc electrician customer review

Recently, our company received a new review and recommendation by a customer on our Facebook page. We wanted to share this review with you in case you didn’t see it and are interested in what others have to say about the work our electricians do.

Barb C., a resident of Grand Blanc, called us out not too long ago to repair some damage done to her electrical system by a winter storm. One of our electricians was able to get out to her home and fix the problem with no issues, leaving Barb with a home that was safe and an electrical system that was fully functioning. In her review of our company and the electrician that came to her Grand Blanc home, Barb said,

The electrician from Electrician Express was polite, knowledgeable and finished the job promptly.”

At Electrician Express, we know that electrical problems can be a huge inconvenience. They can disrupt your life like almost nothing else and make some of your normal daily activities impossible. That’s why we do our best to provide prompt service to all of our customers—even during the night and on weekends.

Like Barb, our customers appreciate the prompt, efficient service we provide, possibly because prompt service can be difficult to come by in-home service companies these days. Our efficiency goes hand in hand with being knowledgeable—another characteristic of our electrician that Barb mentioned. Our electricians are experts at troubleshooting. They can assess a problem and quickly figure out what needs to be done. This comes with many years of experience working with electrical systems of all types. We’ve seen pretty much everything—almost nothing surprises or confuses our electricians! We were happy to hear that Barb found our electrician polite.

Offering excellent customer service is a big part of our business. We treat our customers with respect and always do our best to offer the type of service we would like to receive ourselves. We understand that not all home service companies are known for their customer service and friendly, polite employees, so we try to stand out in this way.

Barb also commented that shortly after our electrician finished the job at her Grand Blanc home, Consumers Energy came out to do an inspection. Barb says, “[They] commented on what a good job the electrician did. I’m very happy with their work.” It’s one thing to please a customer, but it’s another thing to impress an industry expert who works with electrical systems every day. We were happy to hear that the employee from Consumers Energy found our work to be done well!

We want to thank Barb from Grand Blanc for leaving us such a great review. If you’re a past customer of ours, we’d love to hear from you too! Feel free to leave us a review on our Facebook page, or on any other site that accepts reviews, such as Yelp or Google. If you’re looking for an electrician to service your home or business in Grand Blanc, Flushing, Flint, or any of the surrounding areas, we’d love to hear from you. One of our polite, knowledgeable, and prompt electricians can help you with whatever you need done—from an entirely new electrical system for a new or remodeled building to a simple fix to your current system.

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When I talked to the person on the phone about my problem, I had a feeling I had made a good choice. She was polite, friendly and acted fast to have someone come out that day. It was a serious problem and she deserves a lot of thanks. John, the electrician, did an outstanding job and as they say, we are sleeping a lot better at night. This is a top notch company because of it’s people and will always be the one I use if I have a problem in the future. - F. Francois, Fenton, MI
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