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How a Genesee County Electrician Can Help Update the Look of Your Home

genesee county electrician light install

A lot of what we do as electricians in Flushing, Michigan is behind the scenes. We work on things like the wiring behind your walls, or on the electrical panel that may be in your garage or basement. For the most part, what we do makes your home safer or more functional, but there is one thing we do that can also help update the look of your Genesee County home.

As any interior designer will tell you, a room’s lighting can make all the difference in how a space looks and feels. Outdated fixtures or fixtures that are not adequate for the size or purpose of the room can take away from a room with even the most beautiful furniture and décor. At Electrician Express, we can help update and modernize your home by adding new light fixtures or replacing your outdated fixtures with new ones.

Bathroom Lighting

If your bathroom is dimly lit or if the fixtures are corroding from years of exposure to moist air, changing them out could give your bathroom an almost instant upgrade! You’d be amazed at how an old bathroom can be brightened up with new lighting and how the right lighting can transform a small space like a bathroom.

Kitchen Lighting

If your kitchen still has fluorescent lightboxes, you may want to consider replacing them with more modern recessed lighting, such as LED can lights. There are ways to do this without having to completely redo your kitchen ceiling, some of which are quite creative and beautiful. A quick search on Pinterest for something like “replacing fluorescent kitchen lights” will give you a ton of great ideas. If you have an island or peninsula in your kitchen, our electricians can install some attractive pendant lights over it that, in addition to adding more light, will really add some visual interest to the space. We can also add under-cabinet lighting, so you’ll always have light right where you need it when you’re cooking.

Lighting for Living Rooms and Family Rooms

We’ve been in many homes without any sort of overhead lighting in their living rooms or family rooms. It can be very difficult to adequately light a room using only table and floor lamps, especially if it’s a large room. Adding overhead lighting may be more affordable than you might think, and it can make a huge difference in the feel of your space. Our electricians can even put your new overhead lighting on a dimmer switch so you can have as much or as little light as you want, depending on your mood or activity. Another option is to have one of our Genesee County electricians add a ceiling fan to your living room or family room. Not only will it help keep your room cool in the hot summer months, but it can also add to the overall design of the room.

Let a Flushing Electrician Help You with All of Your Lighting Needs

If you’re ready to get started modernizing your home with new lighting, contact us today. We would be happy to help you choose the best lighting for your space and have one of our professional electricians install it in your Genesee County home.

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