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If You See Something, Say Something” Applies to Electrical Concerns Too

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You may have heard the phrase, “If you see something, say something!” It is usually in reference to reporting suspicious people or activities to the proper authorities, even if you think it may be “nothing.” But as electricians, we think this phrase could apply just as well to electrical concerns. Of course, if you see a possible electrical hazard in your own home or place of business, you will likely have it taken care of, but what about if you are renting a home or working in an office space owned by someone else and see something you think might be a fire hazard? If you see something, say something!

Electrical fires that cause lives to be lost and property to be damaged are always tragic but are made even more so when the disaster could have been prevented. We read earlier this year about a major electrical fire in a warehouse in California where 36 people died. In the case of this tragedy, electrical problems allegedly had been reported to the building’s manager and the proper repairs were not made.

As important as it is for people to report possible electrical hazards they come across, it is even more important for building owners and managers to take their reports seriously! If someone comes to you with a concern, don’t take it lightly. Look into it immediately. Call a Genesee County electrician to conduct an inspection of your building’s electrical systems and make any recommended repairs as soon as possible. As a property owner, you may be liable for any injuries that occur because of your negligence in maintaining your property, so don’t delay in having any necessary repairs done.

Another factor that may have contributed to the warehouse fire mentioned above was that previous electrical work completed on the building had been done improperly by an unlicensed contractor. We can only speculate but had the building’s manager hired a licensed electrician to complete the job according to the electrical code, those 36 people could still be alive today.

Trying to save money by doing electrical work yourself or by hiring a less expensive unlicensed electrician is never a good idea. The potential consequences of improperly done electrical work are just too high. Hire an experienced, trusted electrician to work on your home or business in Flint, Grand Blanc, or Flushing.

Contact us today at Electrician Express if you have concerns about any of your electrical systems, or if you just want a general inspection. Our electricians will give you an honest evaluation of your systems and upfront pricing on any repairs that need to be made. Give us a call or contact us through our website today!

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