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Using an Electrician to Help You Save Energy in Your Grand Blanc Home or Business


We’ve all heard about the various ways to save energy in our homes. You can turn off lights and electronics when you leave a room, replace your light bulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs or LEDs, buy energy-efficient appliances, and a host of other things. These are all great ways to save money and reduce your carbon footprint and are fairly easy for the average homeowner to do. But as electricians in the Genesee County area, we wanted to offer a few more energy-saving ideas that may require the help of an electrician.

Add Motion Sensors

Motion sensors are a great way to save on energy costs when it comes to lighting. Many Grand Blanc homeowners use them with their outdoor lighting systems so that lights only come on when someone approaches or leaves the house, but they can also be installed inside the home. Not only do motion sensors help save energy, but they are also convenient when placed in areas you often enter with your hands full, like the garage, mudroom, laundry room, or entryway.

In addition, many Genesee County businesses are employing motion sensors in their office buildings to save energy and money. Think about the areas in the office that are only used sporadically during the business day, such as bathrooms, conference rooms, storage areas, and equipment rooms. These could be good candidates for motion sensors. There are a variety of types of motion sensors. Contact an electrician at Electrician Express to discuss the option that will work best for your Genesee County home or office space.

Install a Ceiling Fan

According to the New York Times, a ceiling fan can make your home feel three to eight degrees cooler, allowing you to set your air conditioning unit to a higher temperature, or even turn it off altogether. Since ceiling fans use far less energy than air conditioning units (even window AC units), you will save a good amount of money in energy costs. The cost to purchase a ceiling fan and install it yourself can easily be less than $100. If you hire a Genesee County electrician to install it, it will increase your upfront costs, but will most likely pay for itself in a year or two if you use the ceiling fan instead of your air conditioner when the weather is hot.

Repair Your Home’s Wiring

If the wiring in your home isn’t properly connected, or if you have undersized wiring for your home, you could be wasting electricity due to an electricity leak. This usually only happens in older Genesee County homes that were “upgraded” at some point without an inspection. If you suspect this is the case, contact your local Flushing electrician to have your wiring inspected. Not only could you be wasting electricity, but it could also be a potentially dangerous situation.

At Electrician Express, we are always happy to come out to your home or business, whether it is in Grand Blanc, Pontiac, Flint or Flushing, to give you an estimate on energy-efficient electrical services, or any other services that require an electrician. Contact us or give us a call today.

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