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Why You Need a Flushing Electrician for Ceiling Fan Installation

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Now that we’re experiencing some warmer weather, our Flushing electricians are being asked to install more ceiling fans than they do during the cold months. This isn’t surprising—it happens every year when the temperatures start to heat up. People start thinking about how to keep their homes cool without running their air conditioning unit too much.

Ceiling fans are a great addition to any home. They help circulate the air and keep things cool without consuming a lot of electricity. Whether you want to install a ceiling fan in a room where there was previously only a ceiling mounted light, or in a room with no overhead lighting at all, an electrician from Electrician Express can help.

We can also install ceiling fans outdoors—on a porch or under a patio cover—or in a sunroom. You might be surprised how much of a difference a ceiling fan can make in your comfort level on a hot summer day or evening! The key to getting the most out of your ceiling fan is to make it easy to use.

Many modern ceiling fans come with remote controls for easy operation. You will also want to install dedicated switches that control both the light and the fan. If you have to get out a step stool or stand on a chair every time you want to turn on your ceiling fan, you probably won’t use it as much as you would if turning it on were as simple as flipping a switch or touching a button on a remote.

Having a ceiling fan installed in your Grand Blanc or Flushing, Michigan home may be more affordable than you think. After getting your estimate for the ceiling fan installation, you may decide to have them installed in more than one location in your home. Or, you can have our Flushing electrician check out some of the other electrical projects in your home that you’ve been considering having done. If you’ve wanted to add a ceiling fan or two to your home for a while, don’t let another summer go by without having them installed. Not only will you be glad you did—you’ll wish you had done it sooner!

As with any electrical work that could be considered a “DIY project,” please use appropriate caution if you attempt to install a ceiling fan on your own. In addition to the dangers associated with dealing with electrical wiring, you need to make sure the ceiling fan is properly supported so it doesn’t come crashing down and hurt someone.

If you’re ready to get started on any electrical project for your Grand Blanc or Flushing, Michigan home, give us a call or contact us through our website at Electrician Express. We can have someone get out to your house in a timely manner to give you a quote and get started on any work you need done.

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